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From my last Birthday Haul, I showed you these two lipsticks I got from Purebeauty shop. I happened to get attracted to these colors quickly as soon as I saw it on the display rack.

Lately, I was having an addiction with maroon-ish Matte lipsticks so I looked up for an alternative to my MAC Diva lipstick. After almost an hour, I settled to have this color. Not too dark but somehow close to it. 

May I just add that I was kinda disappointed with Purebeauty though because almost all of their lip products doesn't have any testers. So then, I ended up buying these two even if i'm not quite sure about the texture and the pigmentation. Not sure if their other branches are like that also.

Anyway, these are really cheap! They retail for P99.00 each.

Here's the nude lipstick when worn. Honestly, I wouldn't wear this out since it's too pale. People might think i'm sick or something so I would just make this as a base. The pigmentation is great though.

Here's the maroon-ish lipstick when worn. I like this one, I can wear it out. However, they wouldn't last long. I've tried eating and drinking through straws and cups and they are wiped out easily. I think it's because of the super creamy texture that feels like a lip balm. Although, I like the subtle creamy texture of these if I will compare it to other lipsticks. It's very light and smooth.

The packaging is light as well but these are the kind that breaks easily.

Final thoughts..

I don't think i'm happy with my purchase. It was a good try though. If you would ask me if I would repurchase, my answer is NO. I would still prefer long lasting lipsticks or lipstains (or should I say matte?) over these since i'm really the type that rarely retouches makeup. If I put makeup in the morning it should last at least in the afternoon. Not unless, I really needed a retouch for the sake of selfies or photo shoots. haha

But these are undeniably cheap! I recommend this for people who likes creamy textures for lipsticks. They are really opaque and smooth when applied and it wouldn't dry up lips like the matte ones. 

I'm eyeing on NARS' Cruella Velvet Lip Pencil for a long time now. Maybe I should get one soon. 

How about you? Are you pro Creamy or Matte?
Let me know!

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