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My Rainbow Loom Kit is here! Was really excited when I got my hands on these last week since I missed doing DIYs here. It's been a long time since I posted a tutorial so I thought this would be my chance to share something new. I will soon update you with some of my Rainbow Loom tutorials here. Are you excited? Me too!

You might be wondering where I  bought my kit as well as my super colorful loom bands here in the Philippines. You can get them from @loomsncharms. Actually, you can get the original Rainbow Loom Kit at Toy Kingdom or Toys R Us which retails for Php 800.00+ for a set of 1 Loom board, 1 Looming hook, C clips and 600 pcs assorted colorful loom bands. You may also check the difference between the original Rainbow Loom vs fake in this article.

For beginners like me, I settled for the cheaper kit first for basic Rainbow Loom Accessories since I wanted to get more loom bands as well. Loomsncharms sells I think the cheapest loom band packs on Instagram. For 200 pcs per pack, it costs Php 50.00 only and for 600 pcs of loom bands they retail from Php 135.00-Php 190.00. They have different varieties like Silicones and Thermo Plastic bands and they're Latex free! So it's safe. They're also available in Glitters, Neons, Glow in the dark, Basic colors, Tie-dyes etc. I bought a total of 11 packs from them and they are very kind to have given me a freebie! 

What i've just noticed while I was doing an owl charm yesterday, it would not be easy to make complicated projects with a plastic looming hook since it would break easily. It's better if you get a Rainbow Loom Metal hook like this

or if you're in a budget, you can buy a crochet hook as an alternative.

So there, get your loom kits ready and let's join the craze!! 

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