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As included in my recent birthday haul. It is no doubt my first successful purchase online in an international shop that is Tmart. It may seem that I hoarded falsies for a year of supply but no or maybe yes? I can't fully decide, all I know is that I wanted to try online shopping using a debit card because i'm constraining myself into using credit cards for any purchases may it be online or not. And no I didn't have any bad experiences with credit cards but it's just that I don't want to stress myself out on the idea of having to pay for my impulsivities every month. I just don't. Is it weird? But, I got a point right? is a haven for cheap buys for electronic accessories, home decorations, clothing, novelties, beauty etc. Even though they have different warehouses in US and in Hongkong you have the privilege to choose where your purchased product/s will be coming from. I just don't know if it would also affect the delivery time span. In my case, I chose Hong Kong's warehouse since we're both Asian countries so I assume the shipping would be hassle free.

I nearly thought I wouldn't receive it before my birthday and that i'm starting to regret the purchase but then the nearest post office notified me two days before, just in time before my big day. 

Moving on to my review. These lashes were carefully packed in boxes which prevents the actual box from any damages and are also available in pairs of 30's and 70's so it's a really nice set to grab. These sell for a dollar per box but it would be better to buy in sets. The type of lashes are synthetic or plastic-ish. It did not consist any human hair or hand made eyelashes which sells out much costly than these. You may view the actual listing here if you're interested in getting one for yourself. 

Let me show you the designs I got.

For the first box. I call it the wearable one because among these sets, this is the only one with a natural looking design. I can totally wear this everyday.

The second one is what I call the Gyaru lashes. As we all know Japan is also a haven for false eyelashes and almost every girl there wear it on a daily basis. Gyaru's like lashes like these because it would give them an illusion of bigger eyes.

The third one is what I call the performer lashes. I'm honestly not sure if I could wear these but it reminds me of stage play actors with heavy makeup. I believe these would literally not last on me for a day because just looking at it I already know it's heavy.

The fourth set of lashes have different strand lengths which is okay with me. I can use this for photo shoots and events in the future.

The last set is my favorite. These lashes adds drama to your eyes and gives the illusion of having an eyeliner already. I decided to use this one at my cousin's wedding last week and it looks amazing!

Final thoughts...

These lashes are incredibly cheap. Some beauty stores here sell it for Php 300+ per box of 10 but in Tmart you get 5 boxes for less than Php 300! 

Although, good looking they are not as easy to apply unlike the customized/hand made ones which are more lighter and bendable. But, with practice you'll get the technique on how to apply these. 

These sets doesn't come with eyelash glue so you really have to buy one. However, you also need to get the one's who could stick longer since these types of lashes sometimes lifts at the edges if they are not glued well.

Overall, this is a good buy for me and would buy more soon. This time i'll try their hand made ones. 

You should try buying from their site also!

You can check more of Tmart's range of False Eyelashes here.

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