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While I got rid of my all-time trusty facial cleanser (Safeguard). I had the opportunity to try this Cathy Doll Aura Whitening Serum Foam Cleanser which was sent to me together with my previously reviewed Cathy Doll Makeup Remover Toner Serum Foam Cleanser here. The timing was really perfect since the cleanser i'm using now is almost empty. Time to try a new one to include in my skin care routine!

This product has the following components:
  • Whitening
  • Bright toner
  • Anti-dark spot
  • Anti-blemish
  • Soft and smooth
  • Glutathione serum
Having a very sensitive skin, is not as easy as it looks when it comes to choosing the right products for you. Hence, I thought that it's already time that I should be more careful with the products I use for my skin now that i'm more exposed to dirt and pollution plus stress.

I currently have 4 products in my skin care routine including this and i'm quite happy with them. I can say my skin was renewed from having a bad skin due to my hormonal imbalance from the past few months. It sucks. But I had to deal with it  and cure it quickly as I should since i'm really scared of having a massive acne breakout. Thankfully, it's slowly recovering now. Visible dark spots specially on my forehead area are slowly fading, thanks to this cleanser! It subsidized the appearance of my dark spots in just two weeks. 

However, i'm quite not sure yet with the whitening since i've used it for just three weeks now. I'll update you with that soon.

Here's me!! Look few dark spots left on my forehead and chin area! Never mind the eyebags.. That's natural.

Therefore, I should use these HASHTAGS for these photos :)

#Nofilter #Nomakeup #renewedskin #notphotoshopped #natural

Final thoughts..
All in all I recommend Cathy Doll's products. They have lots of interesting skin products that I would really want to try soon. This cleanser is a must-have for every skin care routine!

Cathy Doll's facial cleansers are available in 2 sizes, 50ml and 100ml. This smells good as well but the Cathy Doll Makeup remover foam cleanser is the best!

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Hope you like this review!

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