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Urban Decay's Naked palettes are something I have always wanted ever since I fell in love with natural looks. Yes sometimes I get to play with colors but if there's something I wanted to be good at, it should be the perfect natural look or the "no make-up" make-up look. Who wouldn't want that? 

I got my Naked 3 palette last Valentine's day, and it was a surprise gift by my ever thoughtful boyfriend. I was quite clueless that day because I already asked my brother to get one for me at Sephora in Malaysia since he went there for a short vacation and so I would probably get it a day after Valentine's day. But much to my surprise, I got it in advance. Not bad! It was such a sweet surprise :)

It came with a sample booklet of Urban Decay's eyeshadow primers and a double-ended brush which makes it even more handy for traveling. Thank goodness for good brushes! I love how soft the bristles are when I apply eyeshadow. These are really perfect for quick on-the-go looks whether you're traveling, going on a date or just when you feel you needed a makeover. 

Here are the different variations of the primers:
Original- works invisibly to keep color in place.
Eden- nude matte formula that preps lids and prevents shadow meltdown.

SIN- prevents fading and creasing.

Anti-Aging- makes eyeshdaow last and would help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Makes skin more brighter and radiant.

The packaging looks sophisticated and classy. Its design is more of like a rippled rosy silk cloth and the gold embossed name adds up to the theme of elegance. The case is very sturdy and snaps shut at both ends to secure the brush. What's even good is that the shades are lined up from the lightest to darkest and labeled with a unique name for easy distinction.

The 12 new shades in this palette are: 

Strange (matte)- it's a light cream shadow perfect for a base. For the color to really pop out you may need a primer.

Dust (frost)- baby pink eyeshadow you can use for highlighting or you can put on the inner corner of your eyes for a more wider illusion. May also need a primer to hold the shimmer if not it becomes a little dusty.

Burnout (satin)- light shade of old rose which would be a good base 

Limit (matte)- blendable and nice to be mixed with another matte shade.

Buzz (frost)- a pearlescent shade same as Trick.

Trick (lustre)- more of a light copper-ish shade and same texture as Buzz

Nooner (matte)- my favorite! a nice light brown shade that is very nice when applied and blended with any other darker shade.

Liar (satin)- a light shimmery shade of brown good for a smokey look

Factory (satin)-  I like to mix this with Nooner since they look good together when blended. 

Mugshot (satin)- metallic like brown with a hint of pearl 

Darkside (satin)- a darker brown shade which is my second favorite next to Nooner. Best for a smokey look as well.

 Blackheart (matte+shimmery)-  It appears matte but it's mixed with a lovely red-ish shimmer, I love to put this on my outer crease for more depth.

These shades are highly pigmented and blendable. I loved every shade even though rosy hues would sometimes make you look like you're high because of the tones. But, I think it would just depend on how you mix the shades. I've never had the idea of rosy pink hues for natural looks before but this palette gave me a lot of ideas to work with. 

How about with a primer?

Here's nooner swatched on the left with original primer and the right without any. I don't know why, but the shade looked a bit different with a primer. Notice that it's one shade darker already and there's a little build up which marked a visible line in just one swipe. However, they still appear really opaque so I don't mind it at all what's important is the lasting capacity of the primer. 

Final thoughts....

Naked palettes are a must-have whether you're a beginner or a professional. The looks you can create are endless and exceptional in terms of quality, pigmentation and lasting power. I totally agree now with all the positive feedbacks i've seen online. I'm enjoying creating different shade combinations everyday and loving every bit of it. I'm looking forward for more neutral palettes in the future and i'm so excited just thinking about it now!

Urban Decay naked palettes are available at

Have you tried any Naked palette's yet? Let me know!

RATE : 5/5

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