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Happy Birthday to me! Yesterday was my 22nd birthday and it was such a beautiful day. I attended my cousin's beach themed wedding and it was filled with happiness and love. Will blog about it anytime this week and will share with you what I wore yesterday. 

Wow! I will surely miss being 21, I think it's one of the best year I had. Lots of opportunites, blessings and trials came upon me and yet i'm still here alive and getting the most out of life. Although, as I would always wish for myself : to gain an inch with my height it just stays the same, in fact i'm getting wider not taller. HAHA 

Anyway, I got myself some retail therapy for my birthday and i'm so excited to share with you what I got. 

Most of the clothes I purchased are from Ripples by Jenny. I tell you, you'll go crazy over this shop because everything she sells are super affordable! I bought 7 items from her and I spent only 1,200+ for all of them. What a great value for money! Will definitely buy more from their shop soon. What's also good is that they upload new items every now and then so you'll never go out of the trend! Visit their Instagram page here.

The highwaisted jeggings is from Fever Manila btw! Check them out for affordable high waisted jeans and jumpers. 

I also got a bunch of false eyelashes from Tmart.com. It was my first ever purchase over the internet using my BPI eprepaid card which I applied for recently through a promo at Ensogo.com. The card retails for Php 500.00 but I got it for Php 300.00 only. I'm such a quick promo grabber! HAHA 

Honestly, i've been really wanting to purchase something through an International site that offers shipping in the Philippines so I may know how the whole thing works. Also, I  constrain myself from using credit cards since I think it would push me more to buy and buy anything out of the blue so when I got my BPI eprepaid card which is a reloadable card/debit card I felt excited for my first purchase.

I ordered a set of 5 false eyelashes and I payed Php 274.00 plus shipping is free although I needed to wait for like a month for it get here. Thankfully it arrived just in time for my birthday! The lashes looks nice in person and I tried one at the wedding yesterday. I will show you how it looks in a separate blog post. 

I'm looking forward for my next purchase soon at Tmart. They have a lot to offer may it be for beauty, house decorations, electronics etc. Not only that, you can also get rewarded for your purchases so I it's a nice way to earn points for freebies!  You should also try them!

I also bought a few makeup products from Pure Beauty. First I got this beautiful Milk nail polish from Wet n Wild, been looking for this shade for awhile now. Two lipsticks from L.A girl, one is nude and the other one is a dark red/plum color. And lastly, I got my lip some treatment since my lips are so dry and peeling like crazy so I bought this Carmex lip balm in Strawberry flavor. 

All of these for only Php 500 plus i'm feeling lucky again because they have a promo that for every purchase of Php 500 worth of products you'll get a Wet n Wild freebie. I've got to choose from a tinted moisturizer and their liquid foundation. I chose the liquid foundation over the tinted moisturizer since i'm very curious about their it.

Lastly, I received this beautiful present from my boyfriend. He surprised me again for the nth time with a pair of these adorable booties from Debenhams. I think i'm going to abuse this a lot! haha 

Let me just show you some of the layouts I did for inspirational outfits featuring the brands I mentioned above.

What do you think? Hope you like my haul! Until, next time!

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