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I wouldn't deny that at some point in my life I could fancy sleeping with full makeup on. I'm aware of the consequences for not washing my face though but there would really come a time that it may seem hard for me to wash my face most especially when I had a very tiring day at events.

Although, I don't want to settle for that laziness for long because i'm scared of getting acne and dark circles. So, because of that i've considered gathering products for my personal skin care routine. It's actually simple. I wash my face with a facial cleanser followed by a toner and that's it. Having this daily routine since last month I can say my skin has improved a lot. However, as i've always mentioned, i'm still in the process of finding good products that suits my sensitive skin.

When I received a package from Cathy Doll Philippines I was delighted to have received two of their cleansers along with a cute sample pack of their cleansing black clay mask. Cathy Doll is a Korean brand distributed by Karmart and now it's officially distributed in the Philippines as well. Their products have fast become favorites especially their all time best selling Ready 2 White cream pack which lightens skin in 3 minutes! How cool is that? I've never tried one but it's something I look forward in trying soon.

Starting off with Cathy Doll's Makeup Remover Toner & Serum + Foam Cleanser (what a long name). This product claims to cleanse skin deeply, tighten pores, remove makeup, whitens skin more, all day moisture and makes skin more glowing with Vit C. I like how it is already combined with a toner, just hoping it works the same as my toner now which makes me less oily and dries up my pimples fast.

The texture of the cleanser is pearly with tiny beads for scrubbing. My favorite part is the actual application because it SMELLS HEAVENLY something like Guava! You need to buy one to know how it really smells. Makes cleansing even more fun on my part.

Now, let's check how good it is in removing makeup.


I used my recently purchased L.A Girl lipstick and as you can see it was easily removed with the cleanser. 


I used my Tony Moly's Gel liner however there are still some spots left in just one wash. I think on  the eye part, it really needs 1-2 washes since gel liners are really hard to remove not unless if you're using an oil based makeup remover.


I used my Rimmel Waterproof Mascara here. I can say it still did a good job even though the mascara is water proof which is nice because sometimes i'm having a hard time removing my mascara.


I used my Naked 3 palette for the swatches here and it was easily removed with just a tiny amount of cleanser. How nice!

Final thoughts..

Cathy Doll's Makeup Remover Toner & Serum Foam Cleanser is a good product. It effectively removes makeup in one wash although it may take 2 washes for the eye area if you're using gel liners but all in all it rinses off makeup even the hard to reach areas of the face. 

In terms of packaging, they are carefully sealed to prevent any leakage.The packaging is undeniably cute just like other Korean products. And it is also available in two sizes. The size I got is perfect for traveling. 

Their prices are certainly cheaper so it's totally worth it. The good part is that, i've never had any breakouts since the day I used it so this is a big YES for me. I've included it in my skin care routine already since I apply makeup on a daily basis. 

You guys should never let one pass! Get yours now and experience happiness while washing your face. That line should pass for some serious copy writing skills. haha!  Watch out for my second review of their Aura Whitening Serum Foam Cleanser!

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