REVIEW : iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream and Facial Cream

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Hello everyone! Today, I'm reviewing two products from my recent loot from iWhite Korea. This brand is new to me and I am very lucky to be given the opportunity to review their products. They sent me two kinds from their line which they're offering in the market, the Aqua Moisturizing Cream and the Facial Cream. Believe me, this is my first time to put on a moisturizer and a facial cream on my sensitive face. As I've said from my last post, I easily get pimples when I put on a different product. So far, make-up products  like powders and BB Creams doesn't give me breakouts. I'm a little scared and excited at the same time with putting on new products on my face since I haven't tried it. And yet, i'm still on the lookout for products that would make my face fresh and glowing without getting face monsters. Arggg!

Anyways, before anything else let me introduce you the brand. 

iWhite Korea is a whitening skin care product formulated in Korea. It specializes not only in lightening the skin tone, but also in improving the overall texture of the skin through its moisturizing and rejuvenating natural plant extracts refined through Bio-Nanotechnology. 

iWhite Korea offers a wide range of skin products like moisturizing facial wash, skin-clearing facial mask, dirt removing nose pack, facial creams and more! It was launched by Biocostech Philippines in year 2004.

So, let's move on to my review. First in line is the Acqua Moisturizing Cream.
The first thing I noticed about this product is the packaging. The Facial Cream product has a very simple design as compared to the Aqua moisturizing pack since it has a very lovely design and color. It caught my attention, really. I heard they're working on re-packaging their products which is nice, because more and more we get really attracted to packagings. Just like other Korean products that were introduced to us here in the Philippines like Etude house, Tony Moly and The Face Shop. 

I love the Acqua moisturizing cream! It smells really good and glides smoothly on to my face. Feels like i'm washing my face with water but makes my face more refreshed. It's non-greasy, non-sticky and leaves your face hydrated. My first time to see a light blue colored moisturizer too! 

The facial cream I must say is a must-have for any beauty routines. However, if you have a darker skin tone, I believe you shouldn't use this since it leaves a white stain to your skin. I also tried using it as a base and I can say that this works really well! It dries matte and I love putting some on my under eyes as a highlighter.

This cream contains Mulberry, Panax Ginseng and Titanium Dioxide. Retails for Php 169.00.

Here's the swatch with the Acqua Moisturizer on the left and the Facial Cream on the right. 

With flash. See how white it looks like when blended? Don't worry it fades in when topped off with pressed powder. 

So, my skin care routine starts with putting on my Acqua moisturizer, then the Facial Cream, BB Cream and pressed powder. And off I go! I can say my first time putting on a moisturizer and a facial cream is super fun! Still scared though, but so far I've not experienced any breakouts since my 1 month experience. I also think my face has lightened more, I'm impressed with how it works well. If you're following me on Instagram @ heyakhrazey, you will see a big difference. You guys should try it!


Acqua Moisturizing Cream
*I like how it hydrates my face
*It blends smoothly
* Non-greasy
*It has a cute packaging
*Smells really good
*Pocket friendly

Facial Cream
*I like the matte finish
*It's carefully packaged with seal
*It glides smoothly as well
*It works as a base
* UV protection


Acqua moisturizing Cream

Facial Cream
* The packaging is not too attractive
*It wouldn't look okay if worn without a pressed powder since it leaves a very white mark.


Acqua Moisturizing Cream - 5/5
Facial Cream - 4/5

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