REVIEW : Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara

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Hey guys! Here's my review about the much raved Lash King mascara from Majolica Majorca. I got this for only P499 but the original price is P799. What a great deal! I just don't know if they still have that promo now. Anyways, don't you just love the packaging? I'm a sucker for all things fancy and cute like this. And ever since they brought this Japanese brand here in the Philippines, I've always been a huge fan. I super love their liquid eyeliners, but didn't had the chance to review it. Maybe on my next purchase :) 

So, let me show you how this one works.

This is my bare lashes. 

 FIRST COAT : My lashes are already long but one thing I always need to consider when buying a mascara is volume. With my first coat, you can already see volume and extra length. That is with the help of those tiny strands mixed with the mascara. Actually, this is my first time to see one of that kind. And, it's really unique.

 SECOND COAT : with my second coat, you can see that it has more volume. But, you can also see clumping in between my lashes.

 With eyes open 


  • It gives a lasting finish, volume and length.
  • The packaging is really nice and unique
  • I like the tiny strands that adds volume to the lashes
  • It has 2 available colors (Brown and Black)
  • Waterproof
  • It doesn't smudge 
  • It dries fast


  • It has an unusual smell that is very distracting, but doesn't stay on your lashes.
  • Too expensive but I'm glad they did a promo
  • Needs an oil cleanser to remove it

All in all, my rating is 4/5, this is a very nice product and I would purchase it again. If you can see, I don't really curl my lashes since I just needed volume. So, with this product, I can say that I'm satisfied and contented.

I hope you like this review, please let me know your thoughts about this product too.
Leave your comments, and I'd be very glad to read it.

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