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I've recently been sent these amazing cases from AnotherCase. A shop from Etsy that caters variations of colorful, minimalist, beautiful quotes, vintage, symbolic, fun and love inspired cases. It is owned by Madeleine and her husband who shares their own passion and interests. Their cases are handcrafted with love to bring out something unique and interesting to catch the hearts and different styles of their buyers. I was very lucky to have myself choose 2 cases to my liking. The first one is a skeleton on bended knees showing something like praying. I really like this design because it only shows that God sees us bare and perfect in His eyes just like the image shown on the case. 

The second one is a beautiful Aztec designed case customized with my former blog initials TMD [Theminiaturedoll], The design is colorful and happy fashionable though D looks like an O but never mind, the case is so pretty! These cases fit perfectly to my iPhone 4S, very light and slim. I also like the black outline effect at the back which adds contrast.

Another thing that I like about these cases are the open slots for the sim card, I've never seen something like this before from other cases but it will definitely make it easier for us to pull in-and-out our sim cards whenever we want. Hassle free! When I saw these I was like "Yes!!No need to remove the case."

All in all, their cases are very chic and classy. You can choose whatever you feel would make your style more fashionable. They are easy to remove and light which is perfect for times that you want to play with colors or designs. The body of the case could also be black,white and clear depending on what you want. You can check more of their designs on their Blog and Etsy store.

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