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Having a bright and flawless skin is becoming a big trend nowadays. More and more we fancy getting products that will make us look more fairer just like Koreans and Japanese. Some also acquired the Ulzzang (Koreans) and Gyaru (Japanese) make-up styles where girls look more attractive and cute. Although, I think Ulzzang make-up is more light and simple than Gyarus. Anyway, I like that there are loads of tutorials on how to do their make up styles.

BB Creams are my best friends because I love the effect of having a flawless skin. However, what makes me love a specific brand is how they work to fully cover your imperfections since that's what they are for. I admit, I don't have a perfect skin. I have lots of dark spots and dark circles and by way of applying BB Creams I feel so confident to go out. Good thing I discovered this new BB Cream called Brillante Reve. It's so light when applied to the face and it covers my imperfections really well. 

Brillante Reve is packed with SPF 33++ , whitening, moisturizing, and anti-wrinkle. It also contains Sun flower oil  which gives your skin Vitamins A and E. These are not sold in larger packagings yet and the only available now is this 10g cute size bottle for a special prize of Php 120.00. Hence, good for travelling.

Let's see the coverage..

I used a brown liner to test the coverage of this BB Cream and look it disappeared in one swipe. I'm loving the non-sticky feeling and the smoothness while applying this BB Cream. One tip for a much brighter looking skin is to match it with the MILKY DRESS PREMIUM Cream that makes your skin white instantly!

The Milky Dress Premium Cream is a white cream base that gives dual effect like whitening and anti-wrinkle aside from just making your skin one shade lighter. See how it does the magic below..

Amazing! Half of my skin is whiter! This cream is very light when applied as well and doesn't irritate my skin. It doesn't contain any harmful ingredients like steroids and parabens so it's safe for the skin. If I will compare it with the iWhite Korea Facial Cream this is more light and non concentrated. It is also easy to blend, feels like applying a lotion. You can apply this on your face or anywhere on your body.

Here's my made up face after applying the Brillante Reve BB Cream and the Milky Dress Premium Cream.

These products are available for purchase at Serrymall's website that will launch this coming Tuesday, May 20, 2014. More Korean products are available in the site so have a look.

Go get yours soon and try it to see for yourself!

Bye for now!

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