PHOTOSHOP TRICK #1 : Easy text masking in Photoshop

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Sharing you guys something new if you are a newbie in Photoshop. Today I decided to teach you a super easy Photoshop trick that I often do in editing. The masking trick! If you want to know how I did the photo above, follow my step-by-step process below..

FIRST: Open your Photoshop software (CS5 or CS6 will do), then create a NEW FILE
From the tools panel click the TYPE TOOL and start typing in your text. In here, I did a typography style so I typed the two words individually.

SECOND: Download your preferred image, import it to Photoshop then DRAG your photo to your original artwork.

It should look like the photo above now. Place your image at the center of your text. If your image is small, try resizing it by clicking CTRL + T (Transform tool) drag the image from the corners to extend while HOLDING SHIFT from your keyboard. This is because we don't want our image to be distorted.

THIRD: Now go to the Layers panel. Before we do the magic trick we have to convert the TEXTS to SHAPES.  To see the process click the EYE ICON from your chosen image(Layer 1) to hide it. 

FOURTH: Click CTRL to highlight the two TEXT LAYERS, Right click then choose Rasterize Type.

FIFTH: Rasterized layers look like this. We can actually do the masking here already but because we have two images, we have to MERGE it to make one shape.

SIXTH: repeat step four but now we choose MERGE LAYERS.

SEVENTH: Yay! we just merged the two images into one! Now here's the TRICK! From the LAYERS PANEL click your chosen image, make sure you click the EYE ICON again to make your chosen image(Layer 1) visible again.

Once highlighted in blue, key in 

Congrats, YOU DID IT!!!

Cool right? 
Hope you enjoyed this simple Photoshop tutorial!
Let me know if you want more of this so I can share more tricks with you guyz :)


Note: we didn't actually use the Mask tool, instead we did the short cut :)

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