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Hello everyone! Here's a quick DIY tutorial for you! Flaunt your nice bikini with style with an added twist by adding studs! All the girls would definitely go gaga over your nice tube bandeau when you hit the beach. Wanna know how? I'll show you ..

First, prepare your studs, I got it from my favorite STUDS AND SPIKES shop in the Philippines Charms Corner , go and visit their shop and get your studs at affordable prices! They have a nice variety of designs and colors to choose from. But, for my bikini, I chose this nice cone shaped stud.

Second, imagine where you want to place your studs. I wanted to have an outline on top until the center to make it fixed since its style is twisted. Such a good idea! lol

Third, here's the fun part! Studding! Go all the way to the center and continue until the other end.

My lame neon bandeau swimwear turned out into something more interesting.
I hope you guys like this tutorial.
Let me know what you think :)

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