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Hello guys! Here's the flower wreath tutorial I promised you which I wore here. I know everyone's been raving about flower wreaths/halo. It has become the sweetest trend nowadays, agree? I love this so much that I bought new sets of plastic flowers again. Anyways let's get this started, these are the materials you'll need : PLASTIC FLOWERS, PLIERS, HEADBANDS, CLEAR GLUE STICK, GLUE GUN.

Where to buy : 
Plastic flowers - I bought these lovely flowers in Divisoria, they're much cheaper outside malls. But, more designs are available inside 168 mall. Prices ranging from Php 50-200.

Pliers - I bet almost everyone has one at home.

Headbands - I bought these plain headbands at Wellmanson, Quiapo. It's a haven for DIYs, and craft materials. It has been my favorite spot ever since I started my business.

Glue stick and Glue gun - National Bookstore.

FIRST : Cut the stems one by one, you may include the leaves if you prefer. 

SECOND : It should look like these once done cutting. But then, you wouldn't need the remaining stems since you need to cut until the end of the flower bud.

THIRD : Start sticking the flowers one by one but leave a space for your ears and under it.


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