REVIEW : HAYAN BB CREAM Whitening & Anti-wrinkle effect

2:18:00 AM

I've been sent two products by Hayan Korea for review. The BB Cream with Whitening & Anti Wrinkle effect and a nail polish. I'm happy that this new brand has been taking a lot of good reviews from beauty bloggers recently and that got me really curious about their products. Hayan is a Korean brand as I mentioned earlier and is similar to some local brands here in the Philippines. They already established about 16 branches in the Philippines and is still growing! Hopefully, they open a branch near me so I can hoard products from them. lol They sell various types of products, from toners, serums, whitening products, peeling gels/creams, cleansers, powders, lipsticks, eye shadows and many more! Prices are reasonable and friendly, but be sure to grab this one first before they change it to the regular price.

The first product i'll be reviewing for them is this BB Cream. If you are the type who wants a glowing/dewy finish this is perfect for you, but if you have an oily type of skin, I don't recommend you use this. I was actually sent a darker shade #23 -No.100, but I tried applying it on my face and it was okay when blended. What I did to fix it was to top it off with a brighter shade of powder which I got from Saizen. This BB Cream gives a light feeling on my face and I feel like I've acquired a porcelain face just like Koreans too, it's dewy and moisturizing! This on'es really different from the other BB Creams I've tried before, i'll try to use this until the last drop and see if it would really brighten up my face more. 

Their packaging are simple and nice. I like how their BB Creams are packaged, it has a cone shaped nozzle with a tiny hole. If you squeezed too much you can return it back by doing the opposite way of squeezing the tube. I don't know if you've experienced that too. teehee!
This will show you how it looks like when blended with my skin. You can easily notice the one with BB Cream and the part without BB Cream. I didn't know what magic happened when I applied it on my face because it seems fine. O.o Maybe, it adjusted with my skin tone? It slightly covered some of my imperfections. You can see on my cheeks I got few zits and somehow the BB Cream helped cover the redness. 

 All in all, I like this BB Cream, it's much like a moisturizer and it somehow covers imperfections. I am in love with how it makes my face soft, dewy and light. If you have time please do visit Hayan Korea's Facebook page for more info or visit a branch near you.

  • Gives a light feeling when applied to the face
  • Dewy type (not for oily skin)
  • Very handy 
  • Whitening and Anti-wrinkle
  • Nice packaging
  • Smooth when applied
  • Adjusted with my skin tone
  • Doesn't give full coverage
RATING : 4/5

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