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 I'm back!! I know I haven't been updating my blog since forever , I was just in a state of  finding "Inner peace" lol . It has been a very dreadful week to me and for every Filipino who've seen what damages and loss Habagat had brought to our country. It was like the typhoon Ondoy that hit the Philippines not so long time ago. And most of the victims have been just rising from the past. Now, more than 60 people got killed and many people in most of the Luzon areas have been affected by it. 

Amidst the sadness, I was really proud of our own people, giving a helping hand to those who needed it. It was last night when I've read a story from Yahoo's page where I've read about how Filipinos create or use materials in rescuing the victims. I was impressed with what one officer had used to prevent his cellphone from drowning. You know what? They used Condoms! It's really a brilliant idea! And from that moment I reminisce what also had happened to me when we were  flooded inside our house. I was just like 7 or 8 y.o that time when bagyong Milenyo hit the Philippines. Our sofas floating, my mom's cellphone is in my pocket then I got curious. I suddenly wanted to climb on to that sofa and float like a princess! haha!! Then out of curiosity, I tried and I fell. My mom's cellphone drowned. Silly me! 

This was the day we got stuck inside the restaurant just beside this gigantic ferris wheel. It was also because of the life threatening wind and heavy rains that made us stay inside. Though, I really wanted to try this ride because I wanted to take a picture of the view on top of it, but then, it scares me to get stucked in that too!Maybe next time with my friends because my boyfriend is really afraid of heights. :)

What did I wore that day? A pair of my fav booties which is also did a good job on making my feet dry. It's perfect for these kind of weather. I also wore a super loose shirt with fancy strings in front. They can also   be worn with its long sleeves, but I just tucked the sleeves inside just the length I need and my DIY ripped denim shorts. 

That's it! I hope everyone's doing fine and I hope you still continue praying for the Philippines <3 <3 <3

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