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Hey everyone! It's DIY time! I just want to share with you how to transform these lame pair to a shimmery one. If you happen to have a pair that you want to transform into glittery awesome sparkly one. Try this!

1. BRUSH any type of brush will do as long as it's soft  and easy to clean.
2. GOLD GLITTERS - I used the color GOLD because it will definitely match the color of my shoes. It depends on you on what color to use.
3. MOD PODGE is used to seal anything like photos, paint, decoupage etc. If you don't have this you can mix any glue and water. But if you want to buy it online you can check Deovir .

First : Prepare your shoes.

 SECOND : Apply Mod Podge on the area desired.

THIRD : Sprinkle glitters on the area with Mod Podge.

FOURTH : Let it dry for about an hour.

FIFTH : Seal it again with Mod Podge to prevent the glitters from falling. Don't worry, it dries clear and glossy. :)

I also did the back of the shoes but it also depends if you want to :)

 And your DONE!! So easy right?
You now have your own glittery Oxford shoes that can go well with jeans, dresses and shorts. It would be so nice to play and mix colors with these now unlike before that it's super plain, right?

Hope you like it!

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