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This is actually my first time to wear a colored lens aside from black and brown. For some reasons that I don't want to look like a "feeler",or  I don't know how to say it but I just don't want to get these eyes so much attention and get comments or critiques from random people because it's so different or it's not "bagay" for me. These things makes me stick to two natural colors to make it even simple. Only because I was scared to try out different colors but if I were to buy a new pair of lenses I would really try blue or gray.

Anyways, I'd like to thank Dull To Doll for sponsoring these lenses for me to review. I tell you, she is one of the most nicest lens fairies I've ever known! 

Let's move on to showing you these photos of me wearing the lenses on natural light, camera's flash, one lens with flash and one lens in natural lighting for you to see the difference and the diameter of these lenses.

On the first photo above, it was shot on natural lighting. You can see the nice color that blends with my  natural dark brown eyes. I really liked the effect of having a "white line" around the iris which highlights the color of the eyes. Actually before, I thought that the white line is already designed on the lenses but I figured out that it's the white part of the eyes that makes the line. So cute!

 Now, this one's shot with flash. You can see here the actual diameter of the lenses from my actual iris and the color appears more brighter with flash.

One eye without lens on natural lighting .

One eye with lens shot with flash.

Diameter : 14.0
Country of origin : Korea
Company : GEO
Color : Nudy Blue

DESIGN : 5/5
Even before I started to become interested with GEO lenses, NUDY designs really caught my attention. Just like what I said, I really liked the "white lining" effect on my eyes. The design is very simple and light if you'll look at it on the vials before opening it. At first I thought it's very bright but, when I've worn it already, I liked the overlaying power of these lenses on my natural dark brown eyes.

COLOR : 4/5
The color is really simple and not too bright which I definitely like the most. I also love the black outer lining on the lenses that gives a dolly effect + white lining = Barbie eyes! I believe that I could wear these anytime most especially on events and shoots.

SIZE : 5/5
14.0 diameter looks like 14.5 to me for I have tiny Asian eyes, but I am also in-love with big diameters for I wanted it to look like doll eyes. So, it's not super big which is just the size I need.

I was amazed by how I can easily put these on my eyes but, i've worn these for a day and I felt a little discomfort on my eyes. I don't know if it's because it's been a long time since i've worn lenses. I think so, but I can see clearly on these. I also didn't experience itching and allergy because I'm also prone to that so, I would prefer wearing these on a short period of time. Sometimes it really depends on the person who wears it. It can be just me or you can also experience this with this lenses, or it's normal? 

It's a good starter for me who is really scared with colored lenses so , I definitely recommend this to you or rather for those people who are just like me. haha. These lenses are very nice and dolly! I would wear them to a party, an event, or even to work. It would not look so weird on you because it overlays on the natural color of your eyes so it's a really must try :)

You can buy these lenses from Dull to Doll, also you can avail free shipping if you buy on their multiply site here DULL TO DOLL .   Hurry! get yours now!!!

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