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Are you looking for STUDS and SPIKES for your DIY projects?

This shop i'm going to feature today supplies different kinds of studs and spikes that you can buy locally. Yes! When I say locally, I say here in the Philippines!

I've been looking for these for a long time on the web but all I could get are those from Etsy and Ebay, which are also very interesting but I find their shipping fees really expensive. So, I kind of think that with those shipping fees I could get another set of studs from, so I would still look for free shipping instead. Perhaps, this isn't the end of my long term search for these guys. And yes I was so lucky.

Today, I received a package from Charm's Corner , a shop who sells bags, clothes, accessories, studs and spikes. I was really surprised with what she sent me and she's really so generous to give me a variety of designs like what you can see above. In fact, I already used the pyramid studs for a project which I will show later :) These studs are very easy to use and they also have different sizes that you can choose from. The prices of the studs ranges from Php 130.00 - Php 150.00 /100pcs and Php 8.00- Php 9.00/pc for spikes , not really bad right? Also, they give discounts for bulk orders so if you'll be buying in bulk don't forget to ask for a discount for they are willing to give some to you.

Would you like to see my DIY studded denim shorts?

Here it is!
I used 50 pcs of Pyramid Square studs for this project.

Do you like it? Wanna know how?

Here are the steps :

FIRST : Prepare your denim shorts or anything that you want to use.

SECOND : Choose and prepare your studs.

THIRD : Imagine your design and place your studs to picture out what it would be. After, remove it and continue to the next step. 

Same procedure as the Third step, this is the back design.

FOURTH : Poke the stud and fold the the sides using a strong material. I used a scissor. Be careful not to sting your fingertips.

FIFTH : Check if it's aligned.

SIXTH : Continue the process until you finish the desired design.

And you're DONE! Super easy right? So what are you waiting for? Buy your studs at Charm's Corner now and get your things studded and spiked. There will be more studs and spikes project soon, so keep reading my blog <3 

Thank you so much Charm's corner for these studs!

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