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Konichiwa! lol , last night was full of tears for me watching the ending part of "1 Litre of Tears" episode. Okay, am I the only one who didn't get to watch it? Well, the story is really inspiring and until now I keep on listening to the theme song entitled "Only Human". Made me cry a lot of times. 

Anyways, as I was talking from my last blog post I told you that I would share with you some of my Thrift buys,  and yes! here it is, but let me just show you first some of the newest pairs I got from there.

I bought these yesterday and I just fell in-love with this lace-ups, just when I saw the pair I immediately wore them and luckily it's my size! Thank goodness for these shoes! I just feel like I'm a man and imagines my self wearing a tuxedo plus a tight skinny jeans with these! Just like Ciara's song - Like a boy. Oh, how I love you!

I know you guys have seen this one on my last outfit post, I'm sorry if you can see some dirt on it, that's because I haven't cleaned it yet, but who cares anyway? It does still look good isn't it? Now, you can see its real color, what can you say about it? Nice eh? I soo love this pair and I treasure it so much! Can't wait to wear this soon again for an outfit post. 

My first Alexander Wang Creepers!! Actually, I already have one just like this but this one is original. I can't imagine how Thrift stores have these so much treasures that normal people would wish for. I mean, it's possible for us to buy online right? but the shipping fee is really shocking so we refuse to buy in the end. I would always look for designers shoes on international shops like Nasty Gal, and Solestruck , but whenever I think about the shipping it saddens me a lot. Though, I recommend you one store locally which caters a lot of awesome shoes, check Gold Dot. You can have your own customized shoes too! 

I'm also thinking of giving away the other pair of these, just tell me if you are interested so that I could host a Giveaway :)
 This is now my favorite every time I feel like wearing something comfortable. It's soft and very perfect for my feet. My mom actually has a number of cool platforms and i'm just so amazed how she wears them with style. My mom is really a fashionista! This one was bought by her :) Thank you mom. The brand is Staccato.

I haven't wore this one to any of my outfit posts but this one will surely go well with everything. From skinnies, shorts, dresses, and skirts. It's perfect and cute because it's pink! Such a lovely color that's why I didn't had second thoughts when I saw these! Soon i'll wear it on my outfit post. 

So there you go! I hope you like my shoe collection and I hope I inspired you in looking for awesome shoes on thrift stores :) Just don't forget the tips I told you in buying shoes and clothes on Thrift shops okay? 

But before I end this SHOE CRAZY POST! I'd like to show you this lovely pair that was given to me by Ate Gay and Kuya Mark (Le boyfriend's brother) which we got from Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. teehee! Soo sweeet of them to buy me a pair again. 

What do you think about my shoes? 
Tell me about it, and leave a comment <3

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