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Hello guys! I'm back with a new outfit post, it's been a while, and I haven't updated my blog from the past few days. Okay, so here I am with all BLACK & WHITE photos and new THRIFT buys! Yes, who says, I don't buy from thrift stores? I'm a thrift lover too!! And a Cheapskate! haha  I find it awesome for people who buys from thrift stores and feels very awesome whenever they see items that they're actually looking for in a cheaper price. That's cool!! 

What I love about it is that, you get the chance to see signature items, you just have to be super patient in hovering over to clothes and you need to check if there are any damages or it's very comfortable when worn. And lastly, shoes and bags, you get to find vintage satchels, leather etc. which is good but one thing with shoes, you need to check the sole and walk with it so that you'll know if it's comfortable and will not be broken easily. 

As I was speaking, I recently got some items from the best and biggest THRIFT STORE in our city! I can't explain how happy and lucky I am to have these cool gals, I finally got a heel less wedge. Yes!! At last, shoes that I really go GAGA with ,even if I know that I can't wear it most of the time, I just feel that this is essential for me,  hooray for a new addition to my shoe collection. I love heel less shoes most especially Jeffrey Campbell's designs , isn't it great? haha. Just wondering when I can have an original or replica of the Night walker shoes!!! 

The shoes that I bought is really awesome, I can walk confidently with it and it has a very nice design. The color is nude perfect with matching up with anything,  you can't just see the color on the photos above but it's definitely great. The dress i'm wearing is super loose which I fell in-love with at first sight. I got 3 items for "3 for PHP 100.00", such a great deal right? The shoes was priced PHP 280.00 but I got a discount  so I got it for only PHP 230.00. Thanks to Kuya , that never forgets to give me discounts on shoes every time. 

So what do you think? I will definitely be buying more soon! <3

Will post more of my Thrift buys on my next blog post :)

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