MAC Disney Maleficent collection

4:05:00 AM

MAC Disney Maleficent collection

While I was watching the most epic Maleficent movie last night. I can't help but be amazed with every detail of Maleficent's artistic make-up. The sunken eyes, the pouty red lips (of course Angelina is known for that), and her protruding angled cheek bones. Though, it was not executed as the original Maleficent character with green skin that we all know, I could say I like the modern look better. Isn't she just the most good looking villain in the world? 

Well, I must say I'm inspired to do my version in the next few days. If only I can buy MAC's Maleficent collection so I can really feel that villain spirit while doing my make-up. (LOL) I really want it so bad, but I think it would be too expensive knowing MAC. Perhaps, I could just use some of the stuff I have to remake the look and let's see. 

My recently bought MUA Luxe Velvet in Reckless is just perfect for my lips as it is just the right color as Maleficent's. And because I really want to have at least one from the collection. I'm eyeing on the sculpting powder in Taupe. Lately, I'm obsessing with matte bronzers and I'm definitely loving more of what magic lies in contouring. Possibilities are endless! Second on my list would be the eyeshadow palette since I also like the colors included in it. If there's one eye shadow technique that I would like to master, that would be the sunken effect because ya know Asians does have a particular eye shape.

I'm excited to do the look! Hmmm.. Where to get the head dress? haha. 

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