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Hi guys! Today, I'm going to teach you how to make a paper wallet! Very simple and easy to make so get your materials ready for this is fun! But first let me just show you this awesome book that I bought from the World Trade Christmas Bazaar last December. I got this for P200.00, lucky me! This is actually used for covering books but the designs are too lovely to waste! We will be using this book for this project. Don't worry you can also use other printed papers too but it is best to use this because it's water proof.

Prepare the ff. materials (Scissors, Fabric tape or Washi Tapes, Pen and Water proof paper or any colored/printed paper). 

 ONE : Choose desired paper design. I chose this vintage looking script paper.

TWO : Cut the paper in half (this is only if you have the same book cover as mine because it is folded in half so the actual size is double). In case you don't have this, 8x11 papers will do.

THREE : Fold it in half then fold each sides going to the center. 

FOUR : Open it again and draw lines on the sides. As you can see I also drew a diamond shape on the third rectangle. Use a ruler or a business card for this to make the lines straight.

FIVE : Now, cut and fold the sides just like the image above. The third part with the diamond shape is where your cards will be stored.

SIX : Poke a hole on your diamond outline and start cutting from the inside.

Now you should have something like this!


SEVEN : Fold it back again like the third step.

EIGHT : Fold it again in half. CUT the white unfolded part.

NINE : Get your fabric tape and measure the sides where you'll be sticking it. Cut it and stick the half outside and the other half inside to secure the sides of your wallet.

TEN : And you're done!!! Simple and easy!! I told ya!

TIP : you can also stick some fabric tapes on the inside of your card holders to make it more cute!

What I like about this paper wallet is that they're slim, customizable and unique. You can also use it as a  secret storage which you can insert on your book or planners. It's such a great disguise for thieves!BWAHAHAHA! Great idea *insert light bulb here*

Yay! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, let me know if you worked on this project too!

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