REVIEW : Geo Mimi Cafe Brown Macchiato WMM504

6:59:00 AM

I missed my blog! Well, I've been too busy with work but still, I am trying my best to keep up with my blog. And yes, here I am with a new Circle lens review. Yay!

I'll be reviewing Geo Lens Mimi Cafe Brown Macchiato sponsored by UNIQSO all the way from Malaysia. When I got my hands on these pair of the MIMI series, I was really excited to try it because I had the chance to choose which pair I want to review. Of course, I preferred lenses that I could wear anytime and anywhere. The moment I was browsing from a large variety of lenses I concentrated with the Mimi Series because I've seen some reviews about these type and I thought that I needed to try these lenses! I was really looking for brown lenses that time which would not be too much bright but just the size and color I need. And, It did not fail me, because these lenses were too perfect for me!

I like how the color blends with my natural brown eyes which for me is a plus. It has a very cute curly design which reminds me of coffee with cream on top. It can be very tempting to buy the Mimi Set because of the cute designs, colors and lovely names. It's like your eyes are all on coffee!

The first time I've worn it,  I felt no irritation unlike the first few pieces that I had before. I've applied it easily   without removing it again because sometimes large diameters makes me tear for about 4 minutes. So, I was really happy with these lenses, super comfortable. I've worn this  to work, to events but I've never experienced irritation. I swear this is my new favorite!

Overall, this for me a must-have! It's great for first timers to try most especially those who want to have dolly looking eyes. It's perfect for any occasions and for everyday wear. You can check more of the MIMI Series at UNIQSO . They have pretty sets of circle lenses at an affordable price. Lots of beauty items are also available in their shop so check them out.

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