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Well I know you already knew what this post is all about by just reading the title. My shirt says it all.And yes! I just got a cool tiger print top, though i'm not so lucky because I was really looking for a black shirt instead of gray, but unfortunately gray and other colors like blue, red etc. are the only colors available. Well, i'm still happy with it because it rocks! Would you believe me if I say I got this for only Php 200.00? The moment I saw this at Landmark, I had no second thoughts, I automatically bought it! haha 

I don't know, I'm just the type of person who would always stay typical instead of wasting all my money on branded stuffs that don't really last long. Though, I do shop from branded stuffs or sometimes I get them from pasalubong abroad but, I get really disappointed with their quality sometimes. I don't know if you've experienced buying a branded shirt that gets distorted after being washed through a washing machine. If you've experienced that, well, me too! It's pretty, but I wasted my money :( . So before you buy clothes, check the cloth carefully and remember items that won't last long based on your experiences.

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