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I've been really wanting and planning to do a review on some make-up products that I've been using most of the time. Those that became my favorites and never failed to make me presentable anytime and anywhere. I don't have lots of make-up but I do survive with few professional kits and was very thankful that my mom is a make-up collector, so at least I do have a chance to borrow some of her things. Sometimes I do get lucky if she gives me some that isn't her shade or those that she really doesn't like. 

BB CREAMS are one of my favorite products of all time. Just like some girls out there that are not blessed with perfect skin. I had a hard time hiding my imperfections, but then it came! I was just so happy of how these products also helps us in developing more confidence.And there came  Etude House and Tony Moly!Who instantly became popular here in the Philippines, I bet it's also because of the K-POP invasion that many teens got really addicted to their cute endorsers, cute products, and attractive packaging :) 

Then I recently got this MAYBELLINE CLEAR SMOOTH BB STICK from Cat Trivino's blog giveaway! I didn't really expect that I'll get one because at first I was having second-thoughts if I'll join the giveaway but still I did, just thought of  the saying "there's no harm in trying". haha

Maybelline's BB Stick has two available shades , one is FRESH for those who have lighter skin, and RADIANCE for those who have light intermediate skin tones or brownish colors, more suited for Filipina's original color which is "Kayumanggi" or "Morena". 

What's good about this product is that, it's perfect for oily skin, Clear Smooth BB Stick is a multi-benefit product that combines the benefits of skin care, makeup, and sun block in a stick. It contains salicylic acid that helps clear away pores and imperfections, and mineral clay that helps control shine all day. It only costs PHP 249.00 on Drugstores like Watson's and Department stores. 

Let's see how it works on the coverage by showing you a Before and After photo :
(Here you can see my bare face, please don't get scared.haha)

There, have you seen some acne around my forehead and chin? These just popped out recently and I get so depressed whenever I see pimples on my face. :( But then, after applying Maybelline's Clear Smooth BB stick, they disappeared magically! Hooray!! I did not edit my face I swear, except for the Before and After tag on the lower part.  You can feel the smoothness of the cream when you apply it on your face, it's not sticky and dewy and it's super easy and convenient to use! It only depends on you if you want to use a primer before you apply the BB stick cream or after you can top it off with a nice powder to make it more matte.

In some of the photos, you can still see pimple marks but at least the BB Stick cream reduced it's redness. 

So, here's my Verdict :

  • It's a stick! Sometimes some BB creams spill because of dewiness or it has some oil content that removes the cap off. 
  • The Coverage
  • The smooth matte feel
  • Affordable!
  • It doesn't create breakage or blots on your face.
  • It makes my face more fresh, young looking and more radiant.
  • It covers my pimples and other dark spots!
  • It has a plastic-ish scent that I don't really like, but it doesn't stay on the face.
  • It only has two available shades, I think it's more better if they have more darker shades too!
There you go guys! I hope you get to try it too! 

Special thanks to Cat Trivino and Maybelline Philippines!

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