Mama's Hope

5:16:00 PM

It was a  blessing that I already had experienced doing charity work with children and the elders who had different sad stories in the past . Today at Mama's Hope, one of my wishes came true, even before lola is with us, I would always get teary eyed whenever I watch some news about battered parents,some Lola's(Grandmother) were put up on a dog's cage and were hit like a dog if she doesn't obey whatever they want her to do, (they) I mean her own child. It was sad that people , really do that to the ones who brought them in this world and see how beautiful it is to live on earth.

Mama's Hope is located at Gen. Trias, Cavite, it's just a small orphanage that helps abandoned children and elderly become  strong and blessed with the help of their everyday devotion. They teach kids and the youth to be faithful,and independent by doing household chores and later on, giving them some time to play around. It's so sad for me to hear that recently they adopted a 3 year old boy who were abandoned at a garage. Imagine? Makes me really sad.

I'm sorry if I can't show you pictures of what happened at Mama's Hope, because we are not allowed to take pictures of them. But it was really fun, the kids enjoyed games and had prizes! Everyone's really happy, even the elders, one of which  I get to talk to but I forgot her name. She talked to me in english! haha. Only to find out she was a teacher before, and because her sons and daughters had their own family, she was left alone. 
 We had a good talk and she's really funny, she would say "and ganda ng kutis mo" , and I was like *blushing* <3 <3

We will surely come back again and I will bring her some clothes and  one of her bilin Oatmeal cookies!


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