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Floral Dress| Thrfited , Shoes|Asianvogue , Brown Satchel| from HK , Brown Belt| Department Store

 It's SUNDAY! And you know what? our family goes to church every Sunday and that is something that I am proud of , not to brag, but ever since I was young my mom keeps on encouraging us to go to church every Sunday, join Youth  organizations and read the Bible. As a Born again Christian, it may be so different with other religions ,but what is important is your FAITH. You may not go to church every Sunday, but you know how to thank Him in your everyday life, it's something that already counts. :)

Anyhoo , when we got home, I saw this umbrella that matches perfectly with my outfit. It's still sunny and hot sometimes, so it's perfect for camwhoring day and outfit photos to post on my blog and Lookbook. haha . I'm becoming more active and active everyday! That's good, because I get to discover beautiful people with amazing looks. Everyday I also watch tutorials on Youtube to feed my creative mind with make-up and "Do it yourself" stuffs. Just like that.  And everytime I do that, I get tempted to buy make-up and other stuffs to create my own. I'm broke, I need a job, please. 

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