Buku Buku Kafe: Basic Pointed Pen Calligraphy Workshop with Dom Rodriguez

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So how do I go about this? It feels like my first time to write a blog post after so many years. Lol Forgive me for my sudden hiatus my friends. Perhaps, this is the start of something new. (Uy!Napakanta sya!haha) 

So guys, as you can see, I've attended a Basic Pointed Calligraphy Workshop at Buku Buku Kafe recently. It was my second time from a different artist namely Dom Rodriguez, who is actually a teacher in profession. Cool, right? 

Initially, it was my friend Chessica Mirasol who is attending the workshop but sadly, she was not available on that day so instead she asked me if I could come and sit in for the class. Of course, I said yes! So, read on.

There were times that I pass by this coffee shop before but I never really had the chance to dine in. So just imagine my excitement that day. In my mind I was like "I will take lots of photos. Repeat."

Buku Buku Kafe, is a very nice place and I bet you wouldn't leave without even a single photo inside. Everything is just soo cool! From the hanging books, the artisan pastries, the interiors and the food, everything is so worthy of a picture.

Well, my inner artsy self is amused. I feel like I can live there. Seriously. haha! It's like a dream, well my dream coffee shop! Everything I love in one place. Kudos to the owners for creating such beautiful place!

Buku Buku Kafe is located at G/F The District, Anabu 1 D, Imus, Cavite and soon they will be opening their second branch at SM Southmall.

Early birds for the class with my seatmate CJ, Ms.Dom who's preparing the materials and surprisingly there were 2 kids who joined the workshop. Soo cute! We're a total of 9 students that day including my dentist! Didn't know she signed up for the class as well so I was quite surprised to see her that day.  

Dom first explained how to prepare the pointed pen and the nib but we started our activity with familiarizing how the weight of every stroke has to be by using a pencil. She even taught us how to remove the oil coating of the nib by using our saliva and tissue to wipe it off. Everyone was like "Do we really need to use our saliva?". We can actually use soap or toothpaste to remove the coating but since those aren't readily available, we can go after the saliva technique. Totally weird but it works just fine. We also did that from the first workshop I attended. Anyway, when we have already been familiarized with the strokes, we then went on and used the pointed pen and ink.

Included in the kit are activity sheets that we should follow and it's so nice because I FINALLY learned how to do the letters properly by doing it stroke per stroke (meaning slow down gurl!) which was illustrated by Doms. Truth is, I am the type of person who likes doing things as quick as I can to save time and energy. So, all this time I've been doing it wrong. haha 

My excuse was always "I'm doing modern calligraphy" so it doesn't necessarily have to be consistent. Well, that is correct at some point. But, I noticed that whenever I write paragraphs, the letters are always inconsistent. In this workshop, I learned how to create more dynamic strokes and letters. Lined worksheets also help.

During lunch time, I was served Calabaz Latte and Longganisa Sliders. Super yummy! Pramis!And can I just say? Their food are all Instagrammable! I'm loving the fact that these are the ones they're calling snacks. Can you believe that? A full meal only for you while in some workshops it's either you munch on a piece of Ensaymada or Brownie. San ka pa Bes? Super sulit na ito! Haha

While everyone is busy eating. I sneaked in and took the opportunity to snap some photos of the place. Pagkakataon ko na ito. Okay be ready mga Bes!Marami rami ito.

You can also borrow books from them.. So bookworms out there, rejoice!

 Buku Buku Kafe, you had me at "we support local artists". *Slow clap please*. My first reaction was "sa wakas may malapit na sa South". Yes, yes! Thank you for having this corner in your coffee shop. 

If you are an artist and you are interested to consign your products, you may email or message them on Facebook.

I really love the hanging books!

And there you have it! Thank you so much Buku Buku Kafe and Ms. Dom for having me. It was really a nice experience.

 Of course the workshop will not be complete without a class picture so here it is together with Ms. Jess (owner of Buku Buku Kafe) :) Sorry Dra. Cecille! This is not my fault. Teehee! 

See you soon!!

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