How to curl your hair naturally

2:43:00 AM

Because i'm so lazy to curl my hair, and gets very impatient every time I try, I discovered one solution for myself. Ways where you can flaunt your hair anytime and anywhere, and what's good about it is that it will not damage your hair and it's super duper easy!

I know everyone's familiar with "Buns" , almost everyone does it, but of course, for short hair you can't. But what I do is a little bit different from a Messy Bun that we know and what I really prefer is something messy and wavy but natural looking curls. So, if you want to know my secret...

Just follow these easy steps:

The secret for a perfect looking bun is to just keep the TWIST until the end.
Leave it for 30 mins and do the next step :

Put on some ribbon or head band for a much kawaii look ! There you go ladies, try it on your own and tell me if it worked!

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