Funny My Fiancé Does My Bridal Makeup Challenge (Save the Date Video)

9:23:00 PM

Hi Guys! I've recently uploaded a video of me and Kenneth (My now Fiancé). Yes, we're getting married soon.Whew! Time flies so fast! Gosh!
Anyway,  we did the "My Fiancé Does My Bridal Makeup Challenge" similar to the My Boyfriend Does my Makeup challenges on Youtube. I didn't quite expect that Kenneth would be this active and chatty that's why I kept on laughing so hard in the video. He even has his own "hugot" lines and funny jokes while doing my makeup. Soo funny!!
Knowing him, he's not really the type that is so patient when it comes to me getting ready and doing makeup etc. but he's so supportive with my love for these things and that's what's really important. HAHAHA!
Get ready to be entertained! Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we do!
Watch our video here to know why:

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