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I don't know about you guys but I've always been a fan of cheap concept stores most especially those from Japan namely Daiso and Japan Home. These stores have always been my go to places and I make sure that I drop by whenever I had the chance as a way of de-stressing.

Speaking of concept stores, have you heard about a new store called Mumuso? Yes that's right! Mumuso is a new concept store from Korea that provides quality items ranging from home necessities, bags, gadgets and beauty products at a cheaper price. When I knew about this store, a visit from it was on top of my list. And oh boy was fate all good to me when I chanced upon the newly opened store at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Divisoria. As of now they have two stores in the Philippines including the one in Farmer's Plaza, Cubao.

Believe me, it was unplanned but as I've said, I wouldn't let the day pass without a quick visit to the store. So, I went ahead, grabbed a basket and the last thing I know was that I went home with a bag of goodies (well, mostly beauty products) and I thought I'd share them with you guys. 

Presenting my first mini haul from Mumuso.


From left: 
Pink Cosmetic Cotton Pads (Php 99.00)
Oil based Makeup Remover (Php 99.00)
Green Tea Bubble Brush Peeling Foam (Php 249.00)
Dual-ended Eyeliner Pen (Php 149.00)
2 Pcs Foot Socks (Php 99.00)
Black Pearl Gel Eye Mask (Php 149.00 )
Ivory Powder (Php 149.00)

Aside from being undeniably cute for its color, it also has a pouch where you can slip your fingers in for easy makeup removal. Add to that its texture that helps in removing stubborn makeup residues on your face because sometimes a plain cotton pad doesn't really do the job.

I ran out of makeup removers already and surprisingly Mumuso has a lot of them in store. I regretted not getting the Micellar type since it has been the "in" product nowadays. I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers rave about the wonders of that product in all its glory. Had second thoughts about it since this one's a bit cheaper but I am now regretting it. Has anyone tried their Micellar makeup remover yet?

When I got home, I tried this in an instant beginning my skin care ritual with makeup removers. I must say that it did a great job removing my eye makeup, eyebrow gel + tinted brow mascara and a matte lipstick in a few swipe. I was wearing Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, Japanese Card Captor Sakura Wand Eyeliner, Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil and a Colourpop Ultramatte Lipstick in Trap. I'll give a thumbs up for this one!

This Green Tea Bubble Brush Peeling Foam is the bomb! The smell of Green Tea is very addicting! It also has a functional pump and a face massager attached to the bottle that gives cleansing a bit of an upgrade. Also available in pink but I forgot the name. Sorry! 

This however, doesn't peel off dead skin in an instant. Tried it two times but no luck. Perhaps, I'm doing it wrong. Please educate me! All the instructions are in Korean so I can't fully understand. hehe

Either going for a bold look or a natural look. This dual ended eyeliner is a nice addition to your makeup kit. Creating fine or thicker lines are more easy as ever. Plus, it's waterproof and doesn't easily rub off. If you're feeling extra creative, it works as a Calligraphy Pen as well. (Just kidding!)

Love this set of 2 foot socks which sells for Php 99.00. That's like less than Php 50.00 each! For its quality, I think it's a good buy! Sneaker heads would definitely love this. Also available in gray and white combination.

What greeted me upon entering the store is a rack of mask in packs of 5 or so. Korean Face Mask lovers would surely go crazy in this section. Aside from face masks they also have these interesting gel eye masks available in gold, black and white that each has its own use. Each box consists of 6 pairs. 

Together with the bubble foam I tested these out afterwards and it gave a subtle cooling sensation and it felt really good. A nice product to relax tired eyes after a day at work. 

Mumuso also offers a large spread of makeup products from Cushions, CC Creams, Powders, Lipsticks starting from Php 99.00 above. I went crazy!

The store that day was jam packed and I had a hard time squeezing in to swatch products. All the girls went crazy in the makeup section so I had to wait for someone to turn their back before I can move inside and test some products. Unfortunately, this is the only one my hands were able to get. Available in Light Ivory shade and the only shade available if I'm not mistaken. I plan to use it for baking. Face baking guys! Face baking! :)

Update: Gave this a try this morning and it worked really well. It stayed matte all day, did not crease even if I'm a bit oily. The shade suited my skin really well. Cheapskates rejoice! Acquired new powder for baking for only Php 149.00!!

And so that's it! So far, I'm loving all the stuff that I got from Mumuso Korea. With such cheap price you get nice quality products. Isn't it nice? I hope you liked my mini haul as much as I do. Cheers to more hauls in the future! Just kidding! Every once in a while is enough just make sure the products you get are the ones you really need. 

Have you gotten anything from Mumuso Korea yet? I'd like to know! Please feel free to share it 
with me in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: These products aren't sponsored by Mumuso Philippines.

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