Styled my Mom with M&S

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The moment I saw Marks & Spencer's contest for Mother's Day, I knew I needed to join. Hey! Who wouldn't want to treat their moms to a shopping spree at one of the most upscale boutiques in the world? If we win, then that would be the greatest gift my mom will ever experience on Mother's Day. How exciting! 

As we all know Marks and Spencer is known for an array of quality products may it be in clothing, beauty, lingeries/undergarments and even in food. It has always been M&S for gift ideas on special occasions for me and my mom and it never fails not even once. M&S not only represents sophistication but also they make sure class is constantly there. No wonder why mom loves them!

When I shop at M&S it's always very soothing to see prints and classic pieces on the racks. Hence, I  got inspired and decided to go for a casual look. Basics are without exception my mom's go-to pieces because not only you can pair it with anything but it also defines what less is more. I styled my mom with her M&S basic gray tee, white A-line pants and  her gold plated bracelet for an added accent to elevate casuals into a sophisticated look. This was also inspired by her favorite Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie who looks effortlessly stunning in casual looks. 


And for my mom's look........ Tadah! What can you say?

Oh how fun it is to style my mom for the first time over my entire blogging years. You nailed it mom! You look great and definitely younger in this ensemble. My camera didn't give justice to your look though, it's getting more crappy. However, all in all you did a good job! Gold accents like her platform shoes, bracelet and belt made this simple look even more stylish and elegant. 

My mom had a good time even though she kept on complaining about the humidity. She was still game with everything I say to her. Thanks to Marks & Spencer for coming up with this #MarksSpencerMom contest. We enjoyed the short bonding moment together which started from doing her makeup, fixing her hair, putting up her clothes, shooting and choosing which photo to put up on this blog post.  We're looking forward for more of these soon! Maybe we can come up with a mom and daughter Lookbook? Why not? 

And who wouldn't forget everyone's favorite? Milk Chocolate Digestive Cookies! Me and my mom love munching on these super yummy cookies and it's the best thing in the world. Just the perfect way to end up this blog post. Brb (eating with my mom).. teeheee


You are such a wonderful blessing to us. Thanks for everything mama!

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