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Perfectly shaped eyebrows can express different characters and impressions depending on its own particular shape. It may take a lot of trial and errors for one to consistently draw the exact shape for their own face shape. And for that, you might need a bucket of patience and enthusiasm.

I admit, I am still in the process of trying different styles for my face shape and it's such a pain at first because I was born with really thick black brows. Just the thought of it makes me want to give up and let the brow masters do it for me. But then again, we cannot depend on them always as it is costly. Although, settling for eyebrow shaping gives a little help in just outlining the exact shape they prefer for you.

I look up to Anastasia Beverly Hills when it comes to eyebrow inspirations and tutorials for that clean and wonderfully crafted arches. I can definitely say, she is the master of eyebrow make up.  Just by looking at the photos makes me want to bleach my brows to make it a bit lighter. But still, I don't have much of the courage to do it as i'm afraid of what the output would be so I now settle for eyebrow pencils for easy on the go looks.

I always had to look for light chocolate or gray-ish Eyebrow Pencil shades to fill in my brows as darker colors would make me look like I have an androgynous style that I came up with putting on live caterpillars on my brows. (LOL) Although, putting on eyebrow pencils really present it that way but by just taming it a little will less emphasize the thickness.

When buying eyebrow pencils I always go for the 2 in 1 pens that is retractable and has the brush on the other side. It's very convenient and always perfect for traveling. 

This Brillante Reve Auto Eyebrow Pencil is my newest favorite of all the eyebrow pencils that i've tried as it glides smoothly on to my brows. It doesn't clump when you apply it and has the Auto Sharp Type design that is flat so it's more easier to design your brows in any way you want.

It is available in four colors Gray Brown, Dark Brown, Brown and Black. You can purchase them online thru SerryMall's website. Each retails for Php 198.00 each! Whoa! that's cheap!

I got the color Grayish brown which I definitely like as it doesn't make my brows more darker. I draw straight brow shapes to get that "innocent" look and also I researched that it is the right design for oval face shapes. 

See? Wouldn't you agree? I look more younger with straighter brows. If you'll look at the before, I would look mataray if I wasn't smiling. And it looks messy and short so it's better if we fill in the blank spots in there.

Anyway, I just have to say I prefer it that way. haha

What do you think?

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