REVIEW : E.l.f studio Golden Bronzer

7:22:00 AM

Being a beauty blogger means becoming a human shade tester. Almost all beauty bloggers would totally agree with this. I mean, one of the many things we do before we trust a brand is to test it on our own. We enjoy testing products, really. Like the moment we swatch a specific product on our skin we instantly know whether the product is nice or not. Cool eh?

Moving on with my review, I got this Elf Golden bronzer along with the cream foundation I recently blogged about. What I like about Elf cosmetics is that their products are (1)Affordable, meaning we spend less for a good product. (2)the quality, you get more than what you expected and (3) they offer a wide array of products. 

I honestly think is is a good buy with only Php 249.00 you get four shades in one. The trick is to mix all four to make a nice combination. Also, you can use the lightest shade as a highlighter, it works really well. Not too shiny but just the right lightness if you're aiming for a natural look. If you use this for contouring I don't think you can create bold shadows to illuminate a slimmer face. I would still go for cream foundations for contouring since this one is not matte unless you want to have an Edward Cullen like skin. 

Being resourceful as we are, we can also use this as an eyeshadow palette. So if you're saving up more space in your makeup kit then you can settle with this for traveling as well.

Here's a swatch of how it looks like on my skin. They're so light that you barely see the shades. What do you think? Would you be buying this as well?

What I like about the product :

  • The lightness of the shades when applied
  • Makes my skin more glowing 
  • Shades are available in 3 variations
  • The packaging is nice and sophisticated
  • Affordable
  • Quality of the product is nice
  • I like the idea of having to mix 4 shades 

What I don't like about it :


My rate for this product is 4.5/5

Let me know what you think!

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