Eyelash Extension Experience + Discounts !! [Khitel's Eyelash and Waxing Salon]

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One of the problems of Asian girls are having straight, thin and short lashes, well not everyone is blessed with thick and curly lashes right? I admit my lashes are long but it's too straight that all I can do is put on a mascara to make it look thick and curl it with a curlash. But the problem is that, it doesn't stay curled up all day. I've tried using electronic heated curlash before but it doesn't really work for me. So, out of desperation I went to an Eyelash Salon to try perming but they advised me to have eyelash extension instead because my eyelash strands are too thick and the perming process wouldn't work for me. 

Then I heard a friend who just opened her new Wax and Eyelash Salon just near our place. It's like a 20 minute ride from our house! Very accessible for me. I scheduled my visit to her salon last January 5 to try the eyelash extension she offers. Well, this is one of the most cutest salons I've ever seen, with all the zebra printed wallpapers and couch from the lovely Victorian accents inside, such a good combination! I've always dreamt of having my own shop in the future like this too but I imagine mixing vintage, retro and cute prints. Still thinking of a good business though. hehe.

Khitel's Wax and Eyelash Salon is owned by a friend Khitel herself. You'll be greeted by this beautiful lady at the counter when you visit her shop plus she's really super nice and accommodating. Makes me so proud of her managing her own shop now and making it very Kikay so their customers would feel like a princess whenever they're there. 

Here's where waxing and eyelash extension happens. Look how cute the blanket inside! Pink and prints all over the place, this is heaven! 

Here are some of the tools that they're using for the eyelash extension, you can see there the compact cases where lash strands are kept and the black glue that they use for sticking strands to your natural hair.

Here's a photo of me BEFORE the operation. Operation??  LOL There are actually three types of extensions the Natural, Mascara and the Fabulous effect which is longer. I chose the Mascara effect instead because I like it to look natural and thick . 

Then there's these moon shaped tapes Ate sticked to my under lashes to prevent it from sticking to my upper lashes. I hope there's also a concealer like this where you can place to your eye bags so it won't be visible. Hmmmm. hate my eye bags! LOL

Then extension begins! The operation took 1 hour and I am not allowed to open my eyes because the glue would make me teary eyed. After the process I now got this............


Full curly lashes. I super like it!I never imagined eyelash extensions are these good!! Thanks to Khitel's Waxing and Eyelash Salon. I will surely go back again for re-touch or I'll try the FABULOUS effect the 2nd time. I'm so excited! Please do visit her shop if you have time! 
Plus, enjoy 10% off by telling them I referred you. :) 

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