BYS Cosmetics Australia [ LIMITED Neon Eyeshadow Review ]

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Hi everyone!
Before anything else, I want to greet everyone "HAPPY NEW YEAR!". I know everyone's been busy now preparing for New Year's eve. Are you guys having a party tonight? This eyeshadow would totally complete your look! After a long journey of research, I finally found a neon palette, I mean an affordable neon palette!!

I'm so sorry for being an inactive blogger for awhile. If you're following me on Twitter and Instagram you might already know what I've been up to from the last 2 months. The image above is from our Lay Bare Glow event held at Palladium, New World Hotel. The event's theme is all about Neon and anything that glows under UV light. The  Neon eyeshadow I bought from BYS is just too perfect for this event! That night, a lot of people were like "Your eyeshadow glows!", "I like your eyeshadow", "Cool ng eyes mo!!". compliments like that because of my really cool Neon eyeshadow.

So, as I was talking about. This product I discovered is from Melbourne, Australia. BYS is a company that has distributed a wide range of fun and exciting cosmetics around the world. They fulfill consumers with  their classy, affordable and  high-quality products that are not off the trend. 

This eyeshadow palette comes in a very sleek packaging that comes in five neon eyeshadow colors, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, and Purple. Look at my swatch below 

I was really impressed with how the colors went brightly without having to apply a primer on my skin. Look at that! They're really pretty! I'm so in-love with this palette. The moment I saw this on the racks I automatically grabbed it! Cmon' this is really cheap compared to the Kryolan brand. Well, if you will just be using it for experiments this would be a good starter. Kryolan is a good brand though I haven't tried it, I believe it's perfect for theatrical make-up, photo shoots and advertisements. 

Anyhoo, if you have time visit their booth in Watsons and SM Dept. Stores. They also have great lipsticks, cute lipglosses with super cute packaging like cupcakes, chocolates, and lip shapes. Everything you can imagine is there! Grab the neon palette first before it runs out because it's Limited. They also have neon pencil liners in colors green,pink and orange. What else? Oh, the pastel lippies arrived this month and I got the Lilac one, i'll review it soon. I think i'm getting addicted to Lilac and anything pastel. Reminds me of cotton candies!! They also give free accessories if you accumulate a specific amount. So there, I hope you enjoy this neon palette too!

Till next,

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