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Hello everyone! Here's a quick spikes and studs DIY project for you. I know some of you may have seen these tutorials on different DIY websites but, I just like to share you this super easy DIY I did on my tank top collar and my camera strap. If you are following me on Lookbook you may have seen this denim shirt already. It's a little simple and I wanted to indulge more on spikes and studs projects so I decided to pimp this shirt. Then, while I was capturing the step-by-step process on how to make this I realized that I can also pimp my lame camera strap with circle studs. Well, it was fun and worth it! Though, I also realized that I wouldn't be able to adjust it anymore to any length because it's already permanent. But then, I wouldn't remove the straps by any chance because my camera is too bulky and heavy. >.< So, I hope you can also try these fun tutorials on your shirts and camera straps too! Let me know :) Please?

So here's my DIY spiked collar :

FIRST : Prepare your chosen shirt of course the one with collars or you can use detachable collars too if you want.

SECOND : Prepare your spikes, in this project you will need 6 spikes. You can add more depending on your preference.

THIRD : Mark circles using a pen , be careful not to draw big circles, just the size you need for you to see the pattern.

FOURTH : Fold the circle when cutting a hole using scissors. You can also use a sharp object to punch a hole on marked areas. 

FIFTH : Cut small holes.

SIXTH : Poke the screw and place the spikes, twist and turn until it's in place and fixed.

SEVENTH : Continue until you finish the other marked patterns and your done! Now you have your own spiked collar! <3 So easy right?

Next , let's go to my studded camera strap .

FIRST : Prepare your camera strap. Don't remove it from your camera.

SECOND : Prepare your studs, you can choose any stud design but here I used the circle one.

THIRD : Start studding your camera strap :)

AND..... You;re done!! TADAHHHH!! hahaha :)) You now have your one of a kind studded camera strap <3

Hope you enjoyed today's set of DIYs girls! 
Thank you so much! Til next DIY project!
Let me know if you did this okay? <3
I would be so much happy to see your creations!

You can buy studs and spikes here :

Of course, Thank you so much Charm's Corner for these studs and spikes !

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