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Some of the things that fascinates me a lot are those of the eyes of Japanese Gyaru/Ulzzang girls. If you get to see them on the internet or Korean clothing lines from various online sellers, notice their eyes and they look really nice. For me it is, i just don't know what others think about that ,anyways, we all have different tastes and style preferences.

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What I really like about bigger eyes is that, it gives more dramatic look and similar to a true doll eyes which for me is super cute. CUTE things really fascinates me A LOT, I mean anything, from those stationery papers that I get to collect when I was in grade school, stickers, cute packaging, pencils, character ballpens, puppies, etc. There are so many cute stuffs in the world that I can't resist.!!
So, enough with the cute stuffs, I don't really wear this kind of make-up all the time but in some occasions I do. If you are a person who doesn't want to put on falsies it's up to you, anyway you can still make your eyes bigger by applying mascara.
Here are the things you need for this tutorial :
1. Contact lens - not only gives more emphasis on the eyes, but also gives color and more doll like image. You can use any type of contact lenses but you need to use lenses that has a much bigger diameter like 14mm or 14.5mm. You don't want to look scary so don't try using diameters bigger than that because the white part on your eyes would not be seen anymore so, it's a little bit scary just like Lady Gaga's eyes on one of her music videos. Especially if you have Asian eyes or "Chinita" eyes. 
2. Eyeshadow Palette - it is very important that you put on either brown or black eyeshadow depending on how you wanted to look. Black is more heavy than brown so, I recommend you use brown so that you will not look more like of a goth or emo.
2. Liquid/Pencil eyeliners - these two would shape how your eyes would be, it depends on what you prefer. There are various shapes and deigns to choose from on lining your liquid eyeliner, so you have to experiment and choose what is best.
3. White eyeliner - this is also one important make-up necessity that helps brighten your eyes and makes it more bigger when applied. Refer to the video tutorial on how to apply it.
4. False eyelashes and Falsies Adhesive - it's not really important but in creating a Gyaru like image, you need this. But as I said one technique also is putting on mascara if you don't know how to apply falsies or you just don't like putting falsies because you feel that it's OA. haha. It's okay to look different sometimes. Make a WOW impression!
Here are some of the photos I took after my video tutorial :
So, there! I hope I did well and I hope you get to try this also on your own , just experiment and experiment. There's no harm in trying :)
Thanks for watching !
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