Philippine Fashion Week 2012 /Premiere B Collection

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It's 3rd day of this season's Philippine Fashion week, didn't get to watch few shows from the past 2 days, but so happy that I got the privilege to watch last night's Premiere B collection featuring 5 designers namely Albert Andrada, Bandoix Flores, Butz Fuentes, Ezra Santos, and Kermit Tesoro. Special Thanks to Blanche Guarino for sending me e-invitations for these shows. 

This year's fashion week is more organized compared to the past , I think what I liked more about it is the e-invitations sent through email because you can easily register for shows by just following the instructions given, it's easy as 1-2-3 I tell you. Then after you register they will send you the official e-invitation with the QR code that will be scanned before entering the function room. Print it and voila you can watch the shows! It looks like this,

Moving on, this is also my first time to watch all by myself, my friend Gian told me "wow, you're a big girl na" , haha , Physically NO. Supposedly, my mom and my boyfriend would've watch it also, but when I tried registering them, it says that it's already full, sooo sad . That is also one reason why I didn't had my OOTD photos, because I can't ask someone to take pictures of me, and I don't even have a tripod with me, hello? effort? haha.

The show started on time, I also had the opportunity to seat  front row with my friends Prim and Nat.

Stylish buddies with amazing hair styles, Blanche and Mark
My photographer friend, Prim 

Albert Andrada's Collection
Armored with gold spikes, I love it

 Look at that sexy back, this one is my favorite from this collection. It gives me an inspiration for my wedding gown . No, i'm not getting married yet. haha

I love how those patterns make the gowns more precious, kudos to the designer for crafting these gorgeous designs.

Bandoix Flores Collection

Designer , Bandoix Flores

Butz Fuentes Collection
Comfy Slip-ons, I want one. 

 Beautiful prints, so creative.
 She looks like a saint, isn't she?
Designer, Butz Fuentes , I was drooling over his shoes! really really want to make a DIY spiked shoes like that. I hope I could purchase rivets , spikes and studs here in the Philippines so that I could make an armored shoes or pump up my clothes endlessly. Sadly, I can't find an online store here in the Philippines that sell those, all I see is from China, Thailand and UK. I'm hopeless.

Ezra Santos Collection

 Danica Magpantay looks like a superhero dressed in a not so ordinary cape. Fierce!

Oh my! She's my ever favorite model, Irish Ong.

Ribbons! soo cute.

Didn't get a picture of Ezra Santos on the runway, but all I can say is that , I really love his collection, abstract, sophisticated and unique. 

Kermit Tesoro's Collection

Sparkly Heel less shoes, I've  always been a fan of Kermit Tesoro's amazing shoe designs most especially heel less  shoes which maybe some of you think that it's very difficult to walk with. Heel less are now one of the latest trends in the Philippines just like Jeffrey Campbell's shoes.They are really pretty but it takes practice to perfectly walk in it.. 

As you can see it's a heel less horse feet inspired shoes and I like how this was designed,  it's just so amazing! I wonder if I got one of this design, my mom and my siblings would just tease and laugh at me because they used to call me "kabayo" for I am extremely hyper when I was a kid. And I remember my mom would always tell me "kakabili lang ng shoes mo nasira agad?" , haha. makes me laugh every time I remember those days. 

Just recently, Kermit's designer clothes were worn by Lady Gaga in Thailand. He also supplied some of her clothes for the Monster Ball that was held last week at the MOA Arena. See? Filipino designers makes a name through their hard work and passion in Fashion. Well,that is something to be proud of. Let us support Filipino designers!

 Nat and Divine Lee
 Divine Lee, being interviewed by the media
Rachelle Ann Go and Andre Judd, ooops! what? haha..
 Blanche and Me
 Tessa Prieto and Me
The mother beki Divine Lee and Me.

Super fun watching these collections, it just makes me feel blessed with these creative designers we have in the Philippines. 
So proud of them.

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