Top 5 Best Online Shops to Follow

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Wayback 2009, I discovered online shopping. I remember that I was hesitant at buying a cute clay necklace at first since there are a lot of scams circulating online. But then courage made me aware of the awesome wonders of online shopping. It's hassle-free, convenient and very simple. 

Because of Online Shopping I've enjoyed mornings where you get to wake up and see packages delivered at your doorstep. The moment of surprise makes me always giddy when opening each and one of them. You know the feeling of opening gifts? Yes, that's what it makes me feel. 

Some of you might still be skeptical with online shopping but let me just share with you some of my trusted online shops that you may want to follow now.

1.  ZALORA - this shop is always on the tabs of my online everyday routine. Me and my colleagues super love browsing their website most especially when they have a sale ongoing. Zalora is not the typical online shop where you get to see just one brand of clothes or shoes. This shop has more to offer. From accessories, shoes, bags, clothing and beauty products, it's a one-stop shop for your top to bottom needs. They feature local and international brands as well as a Marketplace where some entrepreneurs like me could sell my products. Their service is world class and they even offer coupons! Hooray! When you shop online make sure to check out their own line Zalora (where I mostly buy my basics), Mango (can't find the bag that you want, no problem! It might be even on sale.), get the fitness gears from Nike and New Balance or try to mix and match a gorgeous outfit with Tomato from Zalora.

Some of my favorite brands also include:
Something Borrowed
River Island
Chloe Edit
Spring Fling

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2. SHOPEE - is a FREE app for Android and iOS platforms where you can buy and sell products. I myself was guilty of splurging from this app mainly because of the coupons! I must say this is my current go-to shopping haven as of the moment ever since I got my first purchase of a matte lipstick (you guys know how I love matte lippies). And it didn't stop from there! I have accumulated about 7 lipsticks from different sellers last month(wow! in just a month!). Imagine this addiction? haha. One drawback though from their update is the option to add the shipping fee which before is included in the item already. Nevertheless, I love this app! If you haven't, go download it now before it's too late! One tip though before purchasing is you check the reviews and ratings of the seller before checkout to prevent scams. 

3. INSTAGRAM - I know most of you might have already followed a bunch of online shops on Instagram but let me just share with you some of my favorites.

Ripples by Jenny
Stiles Clothing
Luscious Closet
Apartment 8 Clothing
Flying Dutchess/ Dutchman
Three Wishes Shop
Albay Online Shoppe
Tupped boutique
Butternut Fashion Boutique
Fudge Rock Ph
Pink Manila
Viva La Manika

Mustlovefinds (US based)
Smellingood (US based)
Es online (US based)

Craft Carrot
The Craft Central
Only Maria
Hey Kessy
Arty Animal Mnl
Swirls and Strokes Ph
Sunday Paper Co

4. MY-SHOPPINGBOX - shop online without a credit card via I've read a lot of bad reviews about this after I transacted with them for my first Amazon purchase. I first knew this platform when I was searching for US based sellers online where I can pay thru my credit card and ship the item to their US address and in return they will bring the item to me here in the Philippines. I wouldn't say my experience with My-Shopping Box was perfect, but all I can say is that they offer the most inexpensive shipping fee compared to Johnny Air or other P.O Box companies locally. Plus, they deliver the item to your address in the Philippines unlike the others that you have to pick it up in their offices. Also, my orders arrived on time and that made me happy with my first ever P.O Box experience online. 

One thing I just didn't like with My-Shopping Box is that it took time before they notified me about the parcel that arrived already at their office. I had to email them to let them know that I received a note from Amazon saying that they already received it. Anyway, their customer service representative responded very quickly and everything went well after that. Btw, I used Gcash Amex to pay for my Amazon purchases since I was afraid to use any credit card online (teehee). 

5. FACEBOOK GROUPS - this is not actually a shop but rather some Facebook groups that I follow. Most of them are open to those who would like to sell pre-loved and brand new products at a cheaper price. So, if you don't mind buying 2nd hand items, this is where you can look for some stuff that might interest you. I follow the Makeup Artist Philippines group where I buy good condition and 2nd hand makeup products and sometimes I even trade my stuff. One tip also is to check the background of the seller or look for someone who can vouch for them to prevent bogus sellers as well. Also, for this type of selling platform you might want to consider meet-ups so you can see the actual product/s.

And that's it! I hope you'll enjoy online shopping as much as I do! Let me know your thoughts about these. Have you had any bad/good experience with any of them? 

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