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Giordano Philippines, a brand known for its modern approach to high quality timeless clothes, launches the Be Classic campaign which reintroduces time-tested stylish pieces that can be dressed up or down. This also comes with the return of the 90s cult favorite logo – The Classic Man.

The Be Classic campaign features everyday wardrobe essentials such as polos, tees, shirts, cardigan and pants in classic silhouettes that flatter all body types. 

Normcore, a trend that perfectly illustrates the concept of classic dressing is becoming popular nowadays. This culture of "Acting basic" is a special form of characterizing "being normal" or simply the avoidance of standing out. Having said that, I think it's ironic how Normcore gains popularity among the fashion society now despite the fact that it constrains one on having to stand out. I guess that's the sense of classic clothing. It simply defines sophistication in its own natural way.

Basics are my most favorite pieces to work with. They are the type that are easy to incorporate in anyway I feel good and comfortable. My personal favorites are monochromes because whenever I go shopping for clothes I always find myself ending up with either the blacks, the whites or both. Black say for example makes me look thinner and white makes me look fresh. You may say it's boring but I prefer those that have a unique touch in them. Basic pieces that have character, ones that speak for itself without embedding too much effort. I dig these types and I fell for them in an instant without any hesitations. A fancy detailed cut (laser cut outs are the best), overlaps, and lovely fabric textures these are just some of the few things that I look for in basics.

When Giordano Philippines contacted me to take part of their Be Classic campaign my heart skipped a beat. It sure did made my day because I was dead sick for a week and this came in as a wonderful surprise. What I got? This white button down shirt, a classic white tee, basic black cap and a pair of polka dot socks. The moment I saw this polo, I knew that I needed it in my normcore life. Say whut? Yes, I'm embracing it. Today, I got to style two Giordano pieces for my first Be Classic look. A simple look that can help one transition to another. Say wearing a nice set of black pumps without the cap can be a good example of that Day to Night Style. Not bad right? Classy classics at its finest. Giordano aims to provide clothing that are not just functional but also of good quality. If there's one shop to look for classy basics, it will always be Giordano. 

Let us join Giordano in its commitment of building a World Without Strangers.

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