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Hello! Sorry for my lack of posts, and for flooding you with DIYs. I was sick and really busy the past few weeks so all I can post now is this new DIY. I know almost everyone are Apple users, may it be iPhones or iPods, so what about we try to bling our Apple chargers to make it more personalized? Look what I did to mine, this time my brother would know what's his and what's mine. Perfect!

Things you'll need :
1. Apple charger
2. Gradient metallic studs sheet (Plastic type) - Charm's Corner
3. Scissors
4. Loctite / Mighty Bond

FIRST : Measure the size of your charger, by this you'll know what length to cut on your stud sheet.
 After doing so, cut it one by one.

SECOND : Stick the studs with Loctite/Mighty Bond and cut the excess. But, make sure you
follow the right pattern shown on the picture. 

THIRD : Continue until the end. And you're done! There's a lot of things you can do with studs sheets, projects like blinging your iPhone cases or your compact mirror! Hmm.. I'm thinking more of these kind of projects to be shared soon! I'm excited! Are you? 

I hope you like my new DIY project! If you do please visit Charm's Corner shop for more studs sheets. I'd like to see your creations! Please TAG me on Instagram! I'd love to see them!! <3 p="">

Thanks a lot!

Til Next.

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